During the 2017-2018 school year, our team collaborated with the Voltaire College in Geneva for the supervision of posters and quizzes produced by three 2nd year classes around three themes related to water: environment, society, and economy. A delegation from our team was present at their EXP’EAU 2018 – an event organized by the Voltaire College in March 2018, around the theme of water. In this context, our team offered two workshops: an experiment whose goal was to demonstrate how to make water potable and a puzzle game about water supply.

The students of Voltaire College produced the following video on the subject of water, in which our collaborator Francesco Pennacchio is interviewed:

In June 2016, we collaborated with ERACOM, the French-speaking School of Arts and Communication. As part of the end-of-year work, a third year class was asked to create our association’s website. To do this, members of the association participated as an examining board to assess the sites presented by the candidates and choose the best for our association.