Water Analysis

Following the completion of the preliminary drilling, we are currently carrying out bacteriological analysis (in Burundi) and chemical analysis (in Switzerland). This is to check if the water is not contaminated.

Beginning Preliminary Drilling

It is with great pleasure that the association SOS Eau Giteranyi announces the start of preliminary drilling near the village of Giteranyi. Thanks to the various financial supports, we were able to collect the sum necessary to initiate this first important step of our project.

This step will allow us to:

  • determine the depth of the water table
  • make an estimate of the amount of water available according to the depth of the water table
  • know the characteristics of the water reservoir (permeability)
  • measure the potability following chemical analysis of the water

This information, necessary for the continuation of our project, will be used to choose the appropriate photovoltaic installation for pumping water and for the following construction.

The Association SOS Eau Giteranyi and the EPFL team thank you very much for your generosity and hope that you will continue to show interest and support for this project.

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