10/04/2019 – On April 10 at the Rolex Learning Center Forum we attended the first edition of Showcase 2030, an EPFL report on its sustainable development goals and how the university plans to advance the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We are proud to be part of this innovative and passionate community which aims to meet the global needs of today and tomorrow.

EPFL Photography Contest: Droplets of Home – Relationship between humans and water

18/03/2018 – Our association has partnered with Engineers of the World and the EPFL Photo Club to organize a photo competition supported by the CODEV (Cooperation & Development Center). Our role has been to help teach EPFL students about problems associated with water: a resource that helps development and facilitates access to education. With this in mind, the association proposed the theme “Droplets of Hope: Relationship between humans and water”. A representative of the association was also on the selection jury.

Presentation of the project at UNIL

10/09/2018 – Our team presented the objectives and the first results of our association’s project. The presentation was accompanied by games to better understand how the problem of a lack of water has an impact on daily life and how it can be solved by basic interventions.

The participants, especially from the University of Lausanne and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, were very interested in our presentation and were greeted with a final aperitif, where we offered wine, craft beer and dishes from various cuisines, including Burundian food! The participants made very generous contributions, for which we are very grateful.

Since 2015, presentations have also been made at various other universities, such as the University of Geneva and even the University of Southampton. We are always delighted to be able to share our work with people anywhere, especially in a university or academic context. Thank you to everyone who attended our presentations, and see you next time!

Participation at Tech4Dev

05/29/2018 – Sos Eau Giteranyi participated in the conference “Technology 4 Development: Voices of the Global South”, dedicated to development of the Southern Hemisphere. We presented the core of the SOS Eau Giteranyi project in the exhibition space, including the lack of water in Burundi, the social repercussions and a demonstration of how a simple photovoltaic pump could bring a substantial improvement to the lives of 10,000 people.

The conference was an interesting space for debate and we were able to meet several people who decided to join our project and who committed themselves to helping the poorest parts of the world.

EXP’EAU 2018

19.03.2018 – For our association, beyond building a water supply system in Giteranyi, it is equally important to educate young people about the issue of a lack of drinking water.

This is the reason why our team collaborated with Claude Niang, geography teacher at the College Voltaire in Geneva, for the supervision of posters and quizzes produced by three classes of 2nd year high school students. The activities centered around three themes related to water: environment, society, economy.

On March 19, 2018 a delegation from our team was present at EXP’EAU 2018 – an event organized by the Voltaire College, around the theme of water. Several activities have been implemented by teachers from different branches of 2nd year studies (for example, the geography of rivers, the chemistry of water molecules, etc.)

In this context, our team offered two workshops:

  • An experiment to make water potable (for example, filtration with sand and flocculation with clay)
  • A brainstorming game to find the right solution for the water supply in different case studies (small town, large number of inhabitants), by considering the possible sources of water (groundwater, lake etc.) and their treatments

In addition, we presented the situation of water shortage in Giteranyi, explaining the effect on social conditions, especially on the education of young girls, who have the heavy task of going to collect water, preventing them from going to school.

A big thank you to Claude Njang, professor at the Voltaire College, for the great collaboration with the Voltaire College.

Come and meet us at “les Echos d’Afrique” on November 4, 2017

14/11/2017 – The associations “CAP BÉNIN” and “SOS Eau Giternyi” organized an evening of music, dance and food to raise funds in order to finance our activities.

At the event there was food and drink, sketches and above all a musical concert! Proceeds went to support the noble missions of these two associations.